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The Happy Great Day® Color Palette

Vibrant, bright colors are joy. But vintage black and white can rev up my imagination in the same way reading a novel can be a more luxurious, emotional experience than watching the movie.

Black and white photo woman in hat
Lace gloves and a big hat are my favorite way to add drama to an outfit.

Art deco movie theater
Our local art deco theater often shows old movies that give me fashion inspiration. I especially like to see the styles worn by Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Brigitte Bardot, Katharine Hepburn, and Vivian Leigh and Olivia de Havilland (from "Gone With The Wind."). My favorite movie theater in the world is walking distance from our home, in Savannah, Georgia. The Lucas was built in the 1920's and features architectural details from the Greek revival, Art Deco and Neoclassical periods.

If it's true that what you wear is who you are then I'd say I'm a practical dreamer. I feel snug as a bug in black because it travels well, and I don't have to think when I throw on a slinky LBD with bold silver accessories, garlands of pearls, or a big hat. While my functional brain regards a black "base" dress or gown as one would consider spaghetti or rice for pairings with a wide range of toppings, sometimes just a bold lip is enough. My happiest highlight will always be saffron. A touch of sunshine can wake up a black ensemble with the exciting accent color of positivity, creativity, and intellect.

Woman in hat drinking tea
At independently owned Savannah coffee and tea shop, Gallery Espresso, you can create your own loose IngenuiTEA. Just place the tea container on top of your mug to brew a warm cup of clever inspiration.

... They say that married couples who have been together a long time often begin to look like one another. That's become true for us too as my Hunk-O-Husband, Tommy, has lately taken to wearing the same splashy colors I do, with black and white as a base. He does, sadly, object to bright pink even though I have reminded him that my beloved same-birthday-celebrity Elvis Presley gloriously rocked silky pink shirts, and hot pink blazers.

Man showing his colorful socks
Hubs and I share key wardrobe pieces when we're travelling so that we'll have more outfit options with less clothing to carry. Although he's not game for a hot pink blazer, Tommy likes to knock his summer sock style out of the ball park with a pop of pink.

We have a fast paced life and a need for speed. From a practical standpoint it just makes sense to share the same colors for our wardrobe, home decor, and Instagram feeds. Trust me when I say I know from experience that keeping mostly within a black and white color palette with bursts of power hues can rev up your energy level, help you save space and money, and feed your hungry passion for fashion.

Heart sculpture made out of books
My wardrobe is full of subdued shades of these same colors with bright accessories. Our tiny home has an open feel thanks to the use of mostly antique white, with a few accent brights. As for Instagram, this is my basic color palette. Artwork: Blue Moon Bicycles in Charleston, South Carolina.

Colorful tops in a small closet need to work at least five ways with pants or skirt (bottoms). Put another way, I basically want to wear things frequently because I'm strict about letting something go every time I purchase a new wardrobe piece. Each new buy must be an upgrade. The thrilling end result of this curation mind set is an impressive, wonderful wardrobe. Even more importantly, we live in only 649 shared square feet so space maximization is mandatory.

Woman standing in front of wall with hearts
As much as I love emoticon yellow, I feel a little green when I wear it 😂😂. Golden sunny tones are my pal.

The linings of my clothing are the finest and softest fabrics I can afford. One trick to glam up your environment is to turn a coat with soft leopard print lining inside out and sling it across the back of a chair. Leopard print is, of course, the ultimate pattern to coordinate with anything. I wear leopard sneakers, a leopard coat, leopard scarves, and I have a leopard handbag.

Woman having high tea
The Art Of Fashion is about self delight, and leopard print can be a decadent treat. It will go with nearly everything in your closet. Photo: The Gryphon Tea Room in Savannah, Georgia.

Life is short. We want to visit the most fabulous tea houses, boutique hotels, resorts, restaurants, local markets, independent book stores, independent movie theaters, art exhibitions, and vintage clothing stores. It would be so helpful and appreciated if you could please let me know in the comments below what we need to visit in your town.

XoXo... Suzana

Suzana Barton is the the founder of , a travel and fashion blog. She researches simple ideas to put a smile on your face. 👠💛🚐🧡✈️

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