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Savannah Faves: Remote Offices Roundup

I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur ever since I can remember. As a real estate Broker-property manager-landlord I’m my own boss. But even back in the day when I worked as a manager for Xerox Western Education Government Operations I was a self-employed, independent contractor.

After so many years of entrepreneural bliss I figured I’d gotten the hang of working from home - that is until my husband retired in 2018. Ask any woman you’ve ever known who has a significant other begin working from home how dramatically life changes. What ensued after Hubby began hanging out 24/7 was too much togetherness for any happy couple. 🙈🙈 Keep in mind also that my beloved and I live in a 649-square-foot tiny, historic condo. That being the case, I’m proud of us for recently creating home-office work spaces in separate rooms. Sometimes we switch it up. But I’m most often in the back while Tommy and our hound get their business done in the front of our home.

Man working at home on laptop with dog
Tommy usually works on his blog “I am Not Old News” in the front of our home.

Man sleeping on couch with dog
Tommy writes, while Tino usally naps. But sometimes I catch them both napping.

We also rediscovered the joys of working remotely from home. Since we travel quite a bit, my top fave award for the most convenient mobile work space (in any city) is just what the doctor ordered — Winner, Winner, Salmon Dinner! 🐟🏆 at Whole Foods Cafe. My primary care physician said it would benefit me to eat foods with Omega-3 and to take daily Krill oil pills, and Whole Foods in Savannah on Victory Drive usually carries fresh cooked salmon for carry out or eat in meals. The convenience of being able to eat what I need and also grab an easy seat in the grocery’s cafe is unbeatable. Special mention to Lucky’s Supermarket Cafe’ on Abercorn. However, that cafe is not, in my opinion, nearly as cozy.

Woman on computer eating lunch
How did we digital nomads ever survive before groceries with comfy cafe’s existed?

Wine bar at grocery store
I don’t ususally order wine. But it’s nice to know I could have a glass of merlot if I ever wanted one at the Savannah Whole Food’s back room eatery.

Who doesn’t love a cup o’ joe at Starbuck’s? I confess to being a Starbuck’s app addict because I like the convenience of ordering before I walk in the store, but I’ve found it can be hard to find a place to set up my computer near a seat with an outlet once I’m inside. Besides the opportunity to work in a space that’s less crowded, finding a local coffee shop can be a feel good experience: It feels good to put your hard earned dollar in the small business owner’s pocket. The independent Savannah coffee shop where I’ve got the sweetest memories is Foxy Loxy Print

Gallery and Cafe.

Savannah coffee shop
Foxy Loxy Print Gallery and Cafe’ sits directly across the street from our main branch Live Oak Public Library.

Here’s a 2018 throwback photo to a ((BIG)) day for the Bartons when Tommy was honored as a Community Star by the Savannah Technical College Foundation.

Happy couple having coffee
This secretly snapped photo is, by the way, exactly what you would expect from a Proud Mother-In-Law who took it when we weren’t looking.

Couple working on laptop at coffee shop with dog
The very best seat in the house at Foxy Loxy is The Acoustic Altar in the back courtyard, where bands sometimes perform in the evenings. A fire pit where patrons gather around to toast marshmallows under the twinkly Savannah stars adds to the local charm.

Ever since graduate school at Savannah College of Art & Design I have enjoyed working remotely at the SCAD Ex Libris book store cafe. Ambiance in a work space is everything: Barnes and Noble can’t compete with the selection of art books and fashion magazines on display for sale. It’s also fun to people watch here because this place is frequented by fashion majors who dress the part. That said, it’s these columns that give Ex Libris it’s special character.

Bookstore book column
I’ve never visited Ex Libris without stopping to appreciate these unique columns.

Last but certainly not least on my personal list of fave remote work locations is our Savannah Live Oak Main Branch Public library. (Note: My journalist husband will soon be blogging about his own personal list of fave remote work locations in Savannah over at his web site,

Historic public library
AARP Free Tax Assistance Volunteers from the AARP Foundation, in partnership with the Internal Revenue Service have been assisting citizens with their State and Federal tax returns at the Savannah main branch public library. This service is free to everyone and offered on a first-come, first served basis.

There’s just something magical about taking a break from working at the computer to enjoy the peace and quiet and discover a special book.

Suzana Barton is the the founder of , a travel and fashion blog. She researches simple ideas to put a smile on your face. 👠💛🚐🧡✈️

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